Fabulous lightweight wheelchair

The Strongback 24 is superior to traditionally designed wheelchairs my family has used. In the past. Its ergonomic design offers many benefits such as: easy to use foot rests with a lift and swing motion rather than clumsy clamps; brake controls where the user can easily find them at the same level as the bottom seat cushion rather than lower down; an ergonomic back rest allowing the user to sit straighter and more comfortably; cushioned handles for pushing; an increased ability to maneuver; and last but not least a superior light weight which allows for an easier self-propelled as well as for pushing. I am a small woman of 110 pounds. Switching to this wheelchair has made me able to take my 91 year old father out and about without great difficulty. And best of all, my father finds the chair easy to propel, thus providing some independence given that he is wheelchair bound. Thank you!