STRONGBACK wheelchair made for all people

STRONGBACK is the first lightweight folding wheelchair to focus on the ­user’s spine. Its unique ergonomic shape ­promotes a healthy, upright ­posture and ensures the user feels comfortable right from the start.

Along with its outstanding ergonomic design, STRONGBACK also ­impresses with its curved lines and ­meticulous attention to detail. And thanks to its low weight and well-thought-out folding design, ­transporting it in your car is ­easier than ever!

unique ergonomic wheelchair

curved back ­supports the natural lumbar curve of the spine

ultra lightweight

among the lightes of its kind
(19-26 lbs/9 to 13 kg)

compact size

gives you the freedom to travel anywhere


for use on all terrain


The stylish self-propelled wheelchair for use on all terrain


The flexible lightweight wheelchair for travelling

STRONGBACK wheelchair

The difference to standard wheelchairs