Correct posture with the STRONGBACK wheelchair

The STRONGBACK wheelchair is the first off-the-shelf standard folding manual wheelchair to provide frame-integrated effective posture support. Its unique ergonomic shape promotes healthy upright sitting and ensures comfort from the first moment. The STRONGBACK is as convenient, easy, and simple to operate as conventional wheelchairs.

In addition to the outstanding ergonomics, the STRONGBACK also scores with stylishly curved lines and its elegant yet sporty color scheme, and it exhibits all the benefits expected in an ultra-lightweight wheelchair; it is easily foldable, simple to use, and lightly portable.

STRONGBACK wheelchairs compared to regular wheelchairs

  • STRONGBACK wheelchairs reflect and support the natural lumbar curve of a healthy spine.
  • The shape of the STRONBACK prevents the user from slouching and putting too much pressure on the spinal discs.
  • Its outstanding ergonomic design offers unparalleled comfort and promotes a healthy, upright posture.

The difference compared to other wheelchairs


Reduces pressure on discs and coccyx

Seat angle prevents slipping and slouching forward and improves user stability

Comfortable desktop-length armrests


Among the lightest ones of their kind (19-26 lbs/9 to 13 kg, depending on model)

Compact, foldable design

Optimized for easy transport by car or airplane


Beautifully curved lines

Elegant colour harmony

With love and high attention to details


Velcro adjustable back flaps allow the user to easily adjust the location and firmness of lumbar support

Swing-away detachable footrests


Your stylish self-propelled wheelchair for use on all terrain


Your flexible lightweight wheelchair for travelling

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